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Weekly Rest

■ Within 6 days of the end of a weekly rest period a driver must take 45 hours continuous Regular Weekly Rest.

■ A Reduced Weekly Rest of 24 Hours may be taken, but must be compensated for before the end of the third week following the rest.

■ Any two consecutive calendar weeks must contain at least one 45 Hour Regular Weekly Rest.

The definition of a Weekly Rest period is one in which the driver can dispose of their time as they wish.

The Calendar week definition is important as it means that potentially a driver can take two consecutive Reduced weekly rests as long as they are both in the same calendar week (Mon 00:00 to Sun 24:00).
Further to the above, a Weekly Rest period that crosses two calendar weeks can be counted in either, though not in both. Unless, a minimum of 69 hours rest is taken with a minimum of 24 hours in one week and 45 hours in the other.