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Trucking Good Christmas Story

As we approach Christmas its a good chance to pick up a bit of xmas charity spirit from the uk haulage industry. The Leigh Journal reports that XPO dispatched one of their artics to a local care home so that a 79 year old truck fanatic could have a ride in a big rig!

The newspaper reports that resident Patrick Ryan has suffered with ill health recently and that this treat, including an XPO goody bag, has really made his Christmas.

 Click the image for the full story:

 Image: Leigh Journal



Truck Pictures from Unknown Photographers

This is a bit of a clear out from the archives. The following pictures have been uploaded to our website over the past couple of years but the senders have neglected to send me any information about themselves or the images. I think they are all still worth a look and please feel free to comment if you are the senders or know something about the subject matter. 

Im guessing this is US Army and taken in either Iraq or Afghanistan.

This is quite an unusual beast, Hino tractors are quite rare and even rarer still outside of construction.

A very capable machine and I dont think it would take a detective to work out who had sent me the image but Im happy to share none the less.

A bit of an oddball image but in fairness this is a tidy looking truck from what is a typically unglamorous sector.

Would love to know a little more about this support vehicle from Barry Sheene Racing, I cant decide if its an old image or an old truck (if you catch my meaning).


 Now here is one very proud young lad posing with a striking V8 from the T Alun Jones fleet, a great picture!

 Another Bobby Dazzler, this time from the R T International stable of Rochdale.

So, im ending on a bit of a sad note but the final image is what I think is an F86 (feel free to prove me wrong) that has been through the wars.

So, thanks again to all the mystery donors and please shout up if you are the responsible parties so I can give you the appropriate recognition.


Good Humoured American Septic Tank Trucks

I received these in an email some time ago and they had me in stitches so I felt I had to share. Clearly, due to its vast size America has plenty of off-grid properties that require Septic Tanks, as such the companies that evacuate these pits resort to some of the best Toilet Humour to promote themselves, take a look:

A bit of blunt speaking...

Old School...

The Circle of life....

Its not for drinking...

Check out the number plate as well.....

Its a numbers game...

It seems Politicians are ripe for use in this industry...

Its all in the cards...

We like to see Service coming with some sort of Warranty, but I am really not sure about the Returns Policy!!!!!


A Brit Driving a Foden Alpha 3000 in Mozambique Needs Your Help!

Foden Alpha 3000 Hauling Timber in Mozambique

Here at Truck-Driver we get a lot of correspondence, much of which is frankly dubious, but sometimes an e-mail will simply stop you in your tracks, such as this appeal for help from a gentleman called Odonnel, originally from Surrey, now hauling Timber in a Foden Alpha 3000 in Mozambique,

As well as telling some of his stories (see below), he has got in touch because he is desperate for some technical information about his beloved Foden Alpha 3000 that a local mechanic has done a hatchett job on. I will hand over to Odonnel to tell the story:

I was transporting logs from a place called Machaze to the Chinese sawmills in Beira/Chimoio for a Portuguese Mozambican called Marques, who has a timber concession in Machaze. This is a remote area with the most terrible dirt roads to drive on. On one stretch, it took me 4 hours to negotiate 100 kilometres. 

Anyway, it was during one of these trips that the differential fell to pieces and some of the airline got caught up in something and before I knew it, everything was scattered all over the road. I had to spend three days and nights sitting in the middle of nowhere without food or water, waiting for someone to come and help me. I managed to patch things up myself eventually and limped back to Chimoio, the town near where I live, and a Zimbabwean mechanic called Witness put the air suspension system together again with parts I was luckily able to buy in town.

However, since then, I've had a lot of trouble with the air bags that are blowing off their mounts because there is no relief valve on the air cyclinder for the air suspension  -  two valves were removed by Witness, the Zim mechanic  -  who said "you don't need these." At the moment, the only relief of the air pressure comes from the one height control valve and that sometimes carries on pumping air to the point of blowing the air bag off its seat.

What I need is a plan/diagram of the air suspension system and another plan of the valves, telling me what they are there for.

Getting some help on this would be very much appreciated as I depend on my truck for a living.

If you can help please get in touch through this website or in a comment and I will forward to Odonnell. He has promised another couple of pictures and stories of life on the road in Moz, so we will come back with more soon.


Hargreaves Sub-Contractor Roadshow hits the road

The world of the owner driver and fleet sub-contractor can be a difficult and lonely one, to combat this Hargreaves (Tip-ex 2012 Haulier Of The Year) are having regional roadshows to chat with both existing and potential subbies. Regardless of whether you operate Rigid Tippers, Artic Tippers or Walking Floors, Hargreaves could have anything from occasional loads to permanent dedicated work to suit your requirements.

So if you are already involved with the Durham based company (with UK wide work available) or you have never dealt with them before, contact the relevant people below for each of the roadshow venues.

Buffet, Drinks and a short presentation in the afternoon, then a good old transport knees up in the evening.

Leicester Roadshow - 2nd Feb
Ibstock Working Mens Club
Contact: Paul Harland 07989 481077

Lincoln Roadshow - 2nd March
Moncks Road Working Mens Club
Contact: Brian Colman 07710 195586

Bury Roadshow - 13th April
Elton Liberal Club
Contact: Matthew Smith 07773 805552