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SE5000 v6 Basic Operation Guide

Step 1 - Insert Card

All Digital Tachograph Units have a minimum number of steps that have to be completed prior to driving.

Open the required card draw ( see Driver 1 Drawer Open/Mode Change Button) and slide in the card.

The Card should be entered:


Now, simply push the drawer shut.


Step 2 - Answering on Screen Questions

The screen should now read "Busy Processing"

Next, will appear Cardholders Name e.g. "Laurie Driver"

The third message is "Last Withdrawn" which will show the date and time the Digital Tachograph Card was last removed from a Digital tachograph Unit.

Following on from this will be the question "Perform Manual Entries?". The question being asked is simply, Since the last time you removed your Digital Tachograph Card have you performed any other work (not recorded on any type of Tachograph, Digital or Manual)? If so, this is the point to declare it.

Assuming no other work has been completed, use the arrow keys to highlight the 'cross' on the screen and press the 'Enter' button.

Finally, "Select Country" will appear and national identifier initials will falsh on the screen e.g. UK. Use the arrow keys to select the country you are presently in and press 'Enter'.

The Digital tachograph Unit is now recording activities and once all neccesary vehicle inspections are complete, you may commence driving.


Step 3 - Changing the Mode

Once steps one and two are complete, all that is required is to record the different modes of operation (See Driver 1 Mode Change Button).