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Changing the Local Time

Local Time’ The present time in the drivers current time zone.

The following explains how to adjust the ‘Local time’ setting on a Siemens type Digital Tachograph. This allows the adjustment between British Summer time and standard GMT.

  1. Press the ‘OK’ button to enter the main menu.
  2. The first item to be displayed is ‘Printout Driver 1’
  3. Press the Downward Select button till ‘Entry Vehicle’ is displayed. Press ‘OK’
  4. Press the Downward Select button until ‘Local Time’ is displayed. Press OK.
  5. The Local Time will now be flashing in the lower half of the screen
  6. Using the Upward and Downward Select buttons, the Local Time can now be changed in half hour increments.
  7. Once the correct time is displayed, press OK