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What is LGV

Quite simply LGV stands for Large Goods Vehicles, which is a vehicle with greater than 3500kg GVW (3.5 Tonne). There is no distinction between LGV and the often used HGV (Heavy Goods Vehicle), they both refer to large Goods Carrying Vehicles.

Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW)

Total allowed weight of the vehicle including load e.g. If the loaded vehicle was driven onto a weighbridge it must not exceed this weight.


The CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) card are used on building and general construction sites to prove that the holder has a basic understanding of Health and Safety on building sites. If you regularly make deliveries to building sites then you need one, as sooner rather than later you will be required to show it. Failure to present will most likely lead to ejection from site.

There are a number of types of CSCS card dependent upon your type of occupation. Currently, as a driver you would need the Yellow (Regular Visitor) Card. To apply for this go to the CSCS website and find a local training organisation that will put you through your 'Construction Skills Health and Safety test'.