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An easy to swallow, simplified, explanation of the current EU Drivers Hours Regulations taken from (Regulation(EC) 561/2006) introduced on the 11th April 2007. The following is intended to be a guideline, please consult the full VOSA guidance for more detailed information. These regulations apply to you if both of the following are met:

  • The vehicle is used for the transportation of goods on public roads
  • A maximum permissible weight of 3.5 tonnes is exceeded (including trailer)


Daily Driving Limit

  • Maximum 9 hours driving per day
  • Twice a week this can be extended to a maximum of 10 hours per day


Weekly Driving Limit

  • No more than 56 hours in one week


Fortnightly Driving Limit

  • No more than 90 hours in any two consecutive weeks


Rest Breaks (Rest from Driving)

  • 45 Minutes break must be taken following no more than 4 Hours 30 minutes driving
  • This break may be taken in two parts, the first at least 15 minutes and the second at least 30 minutes.


Daily Rest

  • An unbroken 11 Hours rest within the 24 hour period that commences at the end of the last daily/weekly rest period.
  • Three times per week (a week being the period between two weekly rest breaks),  Reduced Daily Rest can be taken of at least 9 Hours.


Split Daily Rest

  • A 12 Hour daily rest period can be split into two, the first being no less than 3 Hours, the second no less than 9 (This does not class as a Reduced Daily Rest)


Weekly Rest

  • Within 6 days of the end of a weekly rest period a driver must take 45 hours continuous Regular Weekly Rest.
  • A Reduced Weekly Rest of 24 Hours may be taken, but must be compensated for before the end of the third week following the rest.
  • Any two consecutive weeks must contain at least one 45 Hour Regular Weekly Rest.



  • All of the above applies, except:
  • Within 30 Hours of the end of a Rest Period, a Daily Rest of at least 9 Hours must be taken.


Ferry Crossing

  • During a Ferry Crossing / Transport by Train, a Full Daily Rest Period of 11 Hours can be interrupted twice for a total of no more than 1 Hour.