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HGV LGV Driver CPC Periodic Training

What is the Driver CPC (Periodic Training)?
  • Requires all HGV Drivers to complete 35 Hours of Training in a 5 year period.
  • The 35 Hours Training can be split into 5 x 7 Hour Courses
  • The 7 Hour Courses can be split in two, as long as the second half starts within 24 hours  of the end of the first part.
Who has to take the Driver CPC?
  • Any drivers with the LGV C, C1, CE and C1E entitlement (i.e Vehicles with a GVW greater than 3.5 tonnes).
When Do I Need to Complete the Training by?
  • All HGV LGV Drivers must complete 35 Hours of Periodic Training by 9th September 2014. After this time, if the necessary training has not been completed, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO DRIVE A HGV.
Where can i complete my training?
How can i check the Driver CPC Course is genuine?
  • The Course and Training Provider has to be approved by JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training), the Training Provider will most likely display the JAUPT logo and you can verify the course and provider on the Approved Centres and Courses page of the website.


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Driver CPC Questions and Answers:

Q: What does the Driver CPC Test involve?

A: The Periodic Driver CPC does not have a Test, only that you complete the Course, in the time periods required, with a JAUPT approved Training Centre and Courses.


Q: How Much will the Driver CPC Cost?

A: After a bit of investigation, prices appear to range from £50 up to £100 for a One Day Course, consisting of 7 Hours approved training.  Its worth noting,  some training companies are charging the £8.75 Upload Fee separately.


Q: How else can i check the Authenticity of a Training Centre?

A: JAUPT supply registered training providers with an official 'drivercpc' logo with their individual registration number attached. You could ask to see this.

(Answer Courtesy of Stephen Wood, Lancing Driver Training)


Q: If I hold a class 2 licence and want to upgrade to class 1 do I need to obtain the CPC first?

A: According to the DSA you do not need to sit the Initial Driver CPC to go on and complete your Class 1.


Q: Who has to pay for the CPC the driver or the company they work for?

A: I'm afraid no legislation was created relating to who should pay for the training so unless your employer is willing to cover the cost then it will have to come out of your pocket!


Q: Hi, I can't spell too well can i still do the CPC?

A: The Driver CPC does not have an exam so the fact that you can't spell too well shouldn't matter. I would recommend that if possible you let the Training Centre (and also the Trainer on the day) know that Spelling is an issue, and any professional training company will do their best to support you discreetly.