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Digital Tachograph Card

 What is a Digital Tachograph card (Digicard)?


 Any person who is required to drive a vehicle with a Digital Tachograph Unit fitted must have one of these. The card is valid for five years, and must be replaced at the end of this period. They are unique to each cardholder and displays the following information:

  • Photograph of card holder
  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Card Valid from and Expiry Date
  • Driving Licence Number
  • Card Number
  • Signature
  • Address

How often do I download my Digital Tachograph Card?

The Digicard has a limited memory of approximately 28 days (though this does vary depending on usage), once full it overwrites the oldest information on the card, OVERWRITTEN INFORMATION CAN NOT BE RETRIEVED.

Best Practice would be to download your card every week, this way you leave plenty of margin for error.

Dont I need to leave 28 days on my Digicard in case VOSA stop me?

Downloading the card does not remove the information it only takes a copy, once the card is full it is in a constant cycle of overwriting the oldest data on there. Therefore, your card always holds at least your last 28 days of work.

Can I drive without a Digital Tachograph Card inserted?

Your Digital Tachograph must be inserted at the begining of every shift, the only exception to this is if the card is Lost, Stolen or Defective.

If you have never previously applied for a Digicard you can not, under any circumstances, drive a vehicle with a Digital tachograph fitted.

What if my Digital Tachograph Card is Lost, Stolen or Defective

In all of the above situations it is acceptable to use a vehicle for up to 15 days without a Digital Tachograph card inserted into the machine.

  1. You must report a missing or non-working digicard to VOSA within 7 days of the event. Telephone 0870 8501074.
  2. Operate the mode switch and follow all driving regulations as usual (The Digital Tachograph Unit will record everything you do on its internal memory).
  3. Complete a printout at the begining and the end of every shift and treat them in the same way as you would an Analogue Tachograph Disc.
  4. Complete and return form D777B.

How do I get hold of a new or replacement Digital Tachograph Card?

Very simply you will need to complete form D777B. This is available through most VOSA testing stations, through the VOSA helpline 0870 8501074 or by e-mailing

If you have a printer available, Form D777B can be downloaded and printed ready for completion, please click below:

Form D777B Digital Tachograph Application Form