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Daily Rest

  • An unbroken 11 Hour rest within the 24 hour period that commences at the end of the last daily/weekly rest period.
  • Three times per week (a week being the period between two weekly rest breaks),  Reduced Daily Rest can be taken of at least 9 Hours.

A period of daily rest is classified as a period which the driver can dispose of his time as he wishes.

A common mistake with this legislation is not to take take the required break within the 24 Hour reference period. In other words, if you start your working day at 6am, by 6am the following morning you must have completed a minimum of 11 hours continuous rest (or 9 hours if you are taking advantage of one of your three reduced daily rests).

To look at this in another way, if you are taking a normal daily rest (11 hours) you can only work a maximum of 13 hours and then complete your 11 hour rest period.

Reductions in Daily Rest are not required to be compensated for.