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Breathalysers Now Required for Driving in France

On July 1st 2012 the French government enacted new legislation that meant all drivers in France must carry a NF approved Breathalyser, and the authorities are suggesting that two are carried as good practice (if you are required to use one at the roadside, you will still have one in the vehicle).

When and How is it enforced?

French Officers will expect to see a pair of breathalysers as part of the mandatory kit carried by a vehicle (truck or car) travelling through France. Enforcement was due to begin on the 1st November 2012, but this has now been put back to Spring 2013.

Where can i get a Breathalyser kit for Driving in France

To get the most up to date prices i have included a link below to the appropriate page on Amazon as these rates seem the most competitive:

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